Quick Fiyah Q’s With 24hr Garage Girls

Remembering the fort with the Bristol based Garage crew

Ahead of their appearances at the final dance at the fort, we sat down and fired some questions at SHOSH of the 24 hour garage girls team.

What are your earliest memories of Outlook Festival?


Probably splashing around to Mungo’s Hi Fi when they used to run the Beach Party! Cool waters, hot Sound System, cocktail bar; it was just perfect. Myself and the 24hr Garage Girls are so honoured to be hosting a Beach Party for you guys this year! We can’t wait!

Favourite spot on site: to DJ / to witness music?


The Moat has always been my favourite venue! I love the speaker relay set up running down the corridor… It means you can feel the music anywhere in the Moat and the energy is always amazing. I was lucky enough to play my first ever Outlook Festival set at the Moat, alongside Matt Jam Lamont and Scott Garcia back in 2017. I’ll be there again this year ?or UKG Sunday takeover!




A memorable track you’ve heard at the fort – and why?


For me, Calibre has always been my ‘Outlook artist’. I’m a huge Dnb fan, and was rinsing Calibre’s new album on some of my first ever trips to Outlook Festival…It was amazing to see him live on one of the sunset boat parties! His production is so smooth, clean and exotic; even now it gives me that ‘deep hazy sunset vibe’.

What does the rest of 2019 and beyond have in store for 24hr Garage Girls?


Of course Outlook Festival is one of the last summer shows for us and so far it has been an amazing season! In the fall we are launching a new tour called ‘Girls Like Us’, where we will be teaming up with some of the best emerging female artists on the bass scene, such as Mollie Collins, LUCY, Nina Las Vegas,. The idea is to celebrate hard working, professional talent in the industry, while bringing mad, multi-genre line ups to our fans across the UK. Look out for our Launch Party at the Dalston Rooftop Park in August!

5 essential tracks for the fort this summer?

Check Shosh's live set from Outlook 2017 here

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