Payment Plan information

Payment Plan tickets are available now!

Secure your ticket for just £22 and pay the rest in monthly instalments… To grab yours just click here, select ‘Payment Plan’, and start looking forward to summer today!

Frequent Questions

How much does it cost?

The total price of the instalment ticket will be the same as a full price festival ticket (£162 / 181.48)

How much do I pay and when?

Your 1st payment will be charged at £21, followed by either 7 monthly payments of £20 starting from 1st Feb 2019 (Instalment plan A) OR A first payment of £35, followed by 4 monthly payments of £ 31.75 starting 1st May 2019 (Instalment plan B)

Do I need to remember to pay at the start of each month?

​Once you’ve secured your ticket, payments are taken automatically from your bank account at the start of each month​.​

Why is it called instalment plan A or B when I book?

We run two different instalment plans through the year. “A” and “B” are the names of each group of instalment customers – all instalment plan tickets are the same (Weekend Festival Tickets)

What happens If I change my mind?

You can cancel your instalment payments ​at ​any​ ​time​. A​ny payments already made are non​-​refundable​.​

When do I get my ticket?

​You will receive your ticket after your final payment has been​​ made​.​

What’s included with my instalment plan ticket?

Instalment plan tickets only include a weekend festival ticket. All other tickets, like camping ​and​ the opening concert, are sold separately​.​