Instalment plan information

Instalment tickets will be available soon

Frequent Questions

How much does it cost?

The total price of the instalment ticket will be the same as a full price festival ticket (£151 / 188.50€)

How much do I pay and when?

Your 1st payment will be charged at £31, followed by 4 monthly payments of £30 starting from 1st May 2018.

Do I need to remember to pay at the start of each month?

​Once you’ve secured your ticket, payments are taken automatically from your bank account at the start of each month​.​

Why is it called instalment plan A/B/C when I book?

We run several instalment plans through the year. “A”, “B” and “C” are the names of each group of instalment customers – all instalment plan tickets are the same (Weekend Festival Tickets)

What happens If I change my mind?

You can cancel your instalment payments ​at ​any​ ​time​. A​ny payments already made are non​-​refundable​.​

When do I get my ticket?

​You will receive your ticket after your final payment has been​​ made​.​

What’s included with my instalment plan ticket?

Instalment plan tickets only include a weekend festival ticket. All other tickets, like camping ​and​ the opening concert, are sold separately​.​