Everything you need to know about Outlook Festival 2019


Where is the festival?

Outlook Festival is based in an abandoned fort in Štinjan, a suburban area located above the northern shore of the City of Pula, Croatia.

Fort Punta Christo was built at the end of the 19th century by the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy to defend City of Pula, their main naval port.

The festival site is isolated but joined to our campsite (address below). It is unlike any other festival site in the world!

Campsite Address: Camping Brioni (formerly Puntižela), Puntižela 155, Štinjan, 52100 Pula, CROATIA

How far is the fort from the campsite?

The main stage is about a 15-minute walk away from the campsite.
There are bars and various food stalls in the fort, as well as token exchange kiosks.

NB: You must be wearing sturdy shoes in order to enter the fort! No flip flops will be allowed. Please make sure you come prepared with suitable footwear…trust us, it’s for your own good!

Dates & Opening hours

The campsite is open at 12pm (midday) on Tuesday 3rd September for campsite customers only & closes on Tuesday 10th September. A price of 100 Kuna can be payed, on site, for an additional night (Only available for one night before the 4th and one night after the 9th)

The Opening Concert takes places on Wednesday 4th September – music starts around 7 pm. It is set in Pula’s 2000-year old Amphitheatre and due to limited capacity it is ticketed separately.

Outlook Festival 2019 will be held from Thursday 5th September to Sunday 8th September (the music stops at 6am on Monday (9th) morning).

The beach stage starts from 2pm on Tuesday 3rd of September, and music in the fort starts on Thursday 5th of September at night.

The full music schedule will be communicated at a later date.

What access do I have?

With a Festival Ticket customers have access to the fort and the beach.

Campsite accommodation tickets (Camping, Boutique Camping, Mobile Home, Hostel) get you access to the campsite and the campsite facilities, Customers must also have a festival ticket to access the campsite areas.

To enter the campsite you must have both Festival & Campsite Accommodation tickets .

The Opening Concert is a separately ticketed event and is held at the Arena in Pula. Access to the festival or campsite is not part of the Opening Concert.

To get on a Boat Party you must have a festival ticket and the boat party ticket of your choice, as well as an ID – keep in mind you wiIl need an ID in your name – as you will likely be handing your passport into your accommodation, we advise you bring a photocopy with you.

What local transport is available?

There are local buses running between the festival site and Pula city center – more info and schedule available here.

Taxis are also available and usually line up outside the festival gates.


Festival tickets include four days of music and give you access to the festival site including the Fort and the Beach.

Deposit plan tickets are standard festival tickets split into multiple payments. Please check the buy tickets page for more info.

The total price of a deposit ticket will be the same as a full price festival ticket, £151 including booking fee.

Any customers who do not fulfill the ticket value by 1st July will lose their deposit – there are no refunds on deposits.

Festival & Deposit plan tickets do not include accommodation.

All types of accommodation are sold separately.

You must have a valid Festival Ticket as well as a campsite pass to enter the campsite

The Opening Concert is ticketed separately. Due to the limited capacity of the Amphitheatre, not all of our festival-goers can attend the event.

Artists performing at the Opening Concert may not be performing at the festival.


Which outlet should I buy my ticket from?

See Tickets or any of our official ticket agent partners.


Can I get a refund or resell my ticket?

Refunds are not available but you are able to change the name on the ticket for a fee of £10.

For more information regarding name changing please contact outlook@seetickets.com.

Name changes are only available at the festivals discretion until the end of July, and can only be issued on a £100+ tickets.


I’m 17 now, but my 18th birthday is before the festival. Can I buy a ticket?

As long as you’re 18 by the time you pick up your wristband, you may purchase a ticket when you are 17. Just make sure you bring your I.D along – all customers are I.D’d regardless of age.

All Terms & Conditions can be found here.


Day Tickets

Day tickets are not available in advance but can be bought at the festival entrance as 1 day, 2 day, 3 day or full festival passes.

In the event that the festival is sold out announcements will be made in advance and we do not guarantee that day tickets will be available on the door.

On-Site Accommodation

When does the campsite open & When can I check-in?

The campsite is officially open to Outlook Festival customers from 12:00 Tuesday 3rd of September until 14:00 Tuesday 10th September.


Can I just pay for camping when I arrive?

Camping spaces normally sell out in advance, but any remaining spaces will be on sale at the festival entrance.


I don’t need my space anymore – can I change the name on my booking?

Please contact info@outlookfestival.com for more information.


Can I bring a Camper Van into the campsite?

A very limited number of Camper Van passes are available to book. There is a dedicated area for camper vans in order to minimize disruption. However, we must ask that you adhere to the ‘no moving vehicles’ rule throughout the four days of the festival. You will not be allowed to drive your car or vehicle once set up – only to leave the site on departure.

In addition to the pass everyone staying in the Camper Van will need to purchase a normal camping ticket.


Can I bring my pet dog/cat/hamster?

Pets are not allowed anywhere within the campsite and festival grounds. If you are looking to bring a pet, you will need to stay off-site.


What can/can’t I bring in the campsite?

Campers can bring food and alcohol for personal consumption but strictly no glass.

Customers are allowed to bring their own alcohol to be consumed on the campsite only. Please note that customers found with excessive amounts (deemed as more than one slab of beer/lager, 1litre of wine, 1litre of spirits) will have their alcohol confiscated.

Patrons will not be permitted entry to the Festival whilst in the possession of the following prohibited items: any professional audio, audio-visual, film, or video recording equipment, items that may be used in a dangerous or threatening manner, NO GLASS.

Illegal substances are strictly prohibited at the Festival. Any person found in possession of such substances will be denied entry and / or removed from the Festival, and the Police will be called to attend.


Can I buy or hire a tent when I arrive or do I need to book it in advance?

2-man and 4-man tents can be purchased in advance and collected at the festival main gate or purchased on site. The prices of the tents reflect a better deal than bringing your tents as extra baggage with most airlines.


Is there any secure storage on the campsite for my camera/money/passport?

Your passport is handed in to the campsite on arrival. This is Croatian law, and they will look after it until you check-out.

Secure lockers are available on site.

Single container dimensions are 35 x 25 x 5 cm, suitable for valuables such as cameras and other small items.

Bigger lockers will be available for bags and larger items.

Lockers are purchased on site and prices are set by the security company who run them.

These areas will be staffed 24 hours a day.

We’re thinking of booking a hostel room or mobile Home but we’re not sure of who’s coming yet. Can we book a room without confirming names?

You’ll need to book and pay for the whole room at the time of booking, including adding names. If friends are undecided yet you can change their name at a later date for an admin fee.


It says I need a Credit card to book the Mobile Home?

A credit card must be presented to the campsite check-in to secure against damages. One card per home is required and a form will be completed at check-in. No charges will be taken without notification.

Do I need to print my tickets?

You can show your ticket on your phone as long as the bar code is visible and can be scanned at the gate.


What currency do I need on site?

The Croatian currency is Kuna. However, to buy things at the festival site and around the campsite, you will need to use our Token system. 

How do I get tokens?

Tokens can be purchased from numerous token exchange points across the festival site. These exchanges will accept most forms of debit and credit cards. Please keep your tokens safe on your person whilst at the festival. You can not change tokens back into Kuna


Will there be any ATMs on the site?

Yes, there will be ATMs on the site. Please note that day ticket holders won’t be able to access these ATMs and need to take all the cash they need with them.

Will there be anywhere to exchange foreign currency into Croatian Kuna?

Yes, you can exchange most currencies (euros, pound sterling, US dollars…) at the Camp Brioni reception. This is completely independent of the festival.


What are the general costs at the festival?

Main dishes in restaurants range from 70KN to 150KN / Pizza – 40-65KN / Sandwiches – 30-50KN / Beer – 35KN for 0.5Litre (approximately 1 pint) / Cider – 35KN / Spirit + Mixer – around 35KN / Cigarettes – 20KN

Can I get involved?

Our Management Support Team (MST) scheme is a summer placement opportunity offering live event experience in a variety of on-site roles at Dimensions and Outlook festivals in Croatia. For more information head to our MST page. Applications for 2019 coming soon

Alternatively, you can earn your festival ticket and save yourself some money by enrolling in our volunteer programme. All volunteering information can be found at our Volunteers page.

Disability Access

Disability Access at the festival site

All disabled customers are welcome at Outlook, but it is a greenfield site with particularly rough terrain in places. There are steep stony hilly sections of the site, meaning that sometimes access across the site is not that easy, especially in bad weather conditions. Please bare this in mind when booking for the event. Stewards, however, will be around to assist.

There are a number of facilities in the campsite to accommodate disabled customer’s needs, but certain sections of the site may prove too difficult to navigate for certain disabilities. Not all disabled customers need use of these facilities but we will endeavour to assist with access and provide a free carer/PA ticket where required to ensure your stay is comfortable and most of all enjoyable.

Should you have any enquiries regarding the access and facilities at the festival, please email info@outlookfestival.com


Disability Access at the Opening concert

Customers wishing to attend the opening concert with a carer can arrange for a free carer ticket by emailing info@outlookfestival.com
The opening concert has 2 x easy access toilets.

Drugs policy

We have a zero-tolerance policy and discourage you to bring drugs (including soft drugs) to the event. Public use of drugs at the event will result in removal. Please respect these regulations. 

The Croatian authorities take a very strict stance on drug use. At the very least you may spend the night in a cell and can expect a hefty fine (minimum £300)

Are there lockers inside the festival?

There are lockers available to rent, located on the path between the Beach and the Clearing. These are limited due to space, so get there early to secure yours.

One day
Small – 50 Kunas
Big – 150 Kunas

Full festival
Small – 150 Kunas
Big – 300 Kunas

Locker sizes
Small -14 x 25 x 50cm
Big -30 x 25 x 50cm

Do's & Don'ts


• Mark your tent: Each year there can be many people camping with similar tent to
yours, so please take your time to mark your tent with something suitable that you will
be able to recognise it later
• Make friends with those around you to help protect your belongs
• Please use the bin bags passed around by the campsite patrol team or
ask at the campsite office. Don’t litter!
• Gas camping stoves are suitable but only if 1 metre away from your campsite
neighbours. Camping gas bottles must only be up to 245g
• Food and drink is allowed to be brought into the campsite
• Alcohol is allowed as well as cigarettes (but not excessive amounts)
• There are public BBQs set up in the campsite that campers may use
• Stick To Paths — Do not wander off into the undergrowth and try to keep to paths.
Areas signed off limits or out of bounds are not safe for public access for a good


• No glass in the campsite
• Do not leave important or expensive belongings in your tent (use lockers)
• Never cook inside your tent
• Do not bring Chinese lanterns
• Do not bring fireworks
• Do not bring foam filled furniture
• No open fires
• No knives, guns or any threatening items – they will be taken off you and not returned!
• No animals
• No swimming after 8pm
• No loud music between midnight and 7am
• No spray paints
• Illegal Drugs
• No legal highs
• No candles or tea lights
• No Flip-Flop / sandals at night — The ground is not suitable for unprotected feet.
• No Professional Recording — Unauthorised professional camera and video / audio
equipment for professional use are prohibited. Personal use is fine.