Become an Outlook Ambassador

Earn rewards including tickets and lots of exclusive extras

Join the Ambassador scheme today!

Become an official member of the Outlook Festival family – apply to become an ambassador! Join today and begin earning great rewards such as free tickets to the festival, boat parties, VIP amphitheatre passes, free drinks at the festival, back stage passes, goodie bags and much more.

It’s quick, easy and free to sign up, and we’re on hand at all times to talk you through the process and ensure you’re set up to do the very best possible job.

Read below for our Top Tips for becoming a world class Outlook Ambassador:

– Start a Facebook group with all your mates so they can get in on the Outlook action too!
– Start a Whatsapp group with people you think would love to come to Outlook so that you can explain how great it is and they can ask you any questions!
– Let it be known across your social media platforms that you are a proud Outlook Ambassador

Please avoid!

– Selling via other festival/events pages
– Commenting on Artists Instagrams and other social media platforms in order to make a sale
– Sharing the amazing rewards you get from being an Ambassador (no one likes a show off)
– Creating your own event pages – just direct them to ours